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Day 3 - Wednesday 3/27/13

Another morning walk treated me to more colorful skies.

Things change rapidly and it’s all pretty.

Walking back to my campsite I had to get a photo of this bus. I kept looking at it and thinking how much fun it would be to have something like. It might not be as luxurious as a motorhome but it sure would be useful and different.

Airhead Bruce and NoRa planned to head for home the next day so Bruce decided to not ride, get some rest and get things ready to pull out the next day. He had already been riding about a week before I got there. Moto-Treks and I would be riding to Darwin and Airhead Bruce had already been there before I got to DV.

The road to Darwin at least the road we would be taking. There’s an easier way but this would be more fun.

There goes Moto-Treks I guess I should stop taking pictures and start riding.

As I was riding up the hill toward Darwin it kept climbing and climbing……As soon as I thought it might level out it would continue to climb. I wanted to see the view but I needed to keep my eye on the road ahead. Even with that I still didn’t look ahead far enough and got in over my head. I was on the left side of the road where the best line started but the good part changed to the right side and I was busy looking at the left side. A bit of a pause and I was done. I was stopped in the middle of a bunch of rocks and knew if I dropped it trying to get started again I would be crashing on rocks. I wimped out and asked Moto-Treks to take it past the rocky section since he has longer legs and is a much better rider. He makes the bike look tiny.

As I was walking up the hill I was able to turn around and see what was behind me and it sure was a nice view.

About the time the hill finally leveled out there was a mine site to check.

The Superbug has a following.

China Springs

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign……

There was a geocache in the area and I was going to find it. Meanwhile Moto-Treks went to talk with the fish.

Typical for me I didn’t find the cache but I did find a couple catus.

I was having fun looking at the rocks, mountains, cactus and all the desert has to offer then I remembered Moto-Treks was patiently waiting for me.

We were riding again

But not for long and we had to stop and explore another mining site.

Lots of metal pieces out there.

More of day 3 coming up in a while.....
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