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Well, Rats! Thank goodness Laura called Justin who called me at home. I was sitting in front of my computer moping about the weather and having to cancel the Race to Ridgeland. I've been VERY busy at work and am juggling so much in the air right now, that when we emailed everyone Friday afternoon to cancel the fly-in, I just plain forgot about the State-wide lunch part of the event. Rushed over and got to meet some new people and some new bikes. Motogirl is right about the BBQ---it's always good at that little place.

We've rescheduled the Race to Ridgeland for 5 October, so if you guys feel comfortable trusting me THAT far in advance, you're all invited to do it again. Same format and same flying demonstrations, lunch available, and you can all hang out at my hangar and watch the show. Might even scare up a ride or two. Laura: You're "on" for the Rocket.

P.S. I'll get that 690 on the road one of these days soon too, I promise. Can't believe how long KTM parts take to come in. Amazing.


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