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Originally Posted by stuntheavy View Post
Wow, way more interest than I expected!

Thanks everyone for the advice. The Tent Space thread is great! I feel guilty 'cold calling' others for a handout though. Perhaps I can think up some kind of barter to help you fellas out as well.
Its very good of you to think that you need to help out the people who host you in the tent space, but I would say the people on there enjoy the experience as much as you appreciate their hospitality. I have only been called on once to host another rider, Stef from France was mid way through a 2+ yea RTW trip, he stayed under our roof for 2 days, we fed him food and booze and were happy to do it, great experience.

Enjoy you trip, if you can help out your host that's awesome, but don't feel guilty at all.

Cheers, Todd
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