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Here is my camping setup. This is a Wolfman Beta plus bag.
Bottom layer is a towel sleeping bag,camp pillow,stove including all windscreens tools and fuel bottle in the black bag and my mess kit with a hobos tool for utensils inside.

Layer 2 is my 2 man tent in the red bag and my Thermarest bedroll is the green roll next to it.

Layer 3 is my Kermit chair

I fill the side pockets with MRE's condiments etc. Clothing for a couple days fits nicly in the panniers on the side of the bike and leaves the top box open for tools and any junk I collect. I use the side pockets on the Denali tank bag for a med kit on one side and shaving kit on the other. The bike fully loaded looks like this

Sorry for the poor pictures cell phone was all I had laying about.
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