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Originally Posted by swamp View Post
Friday April 12th 2014- “stuck waiting”

The little service area in the back of the shop is filled with gas fumes. My bike is sitting in a puddle of its own fuel. For some reason it has started leaking gas everywhere. I remove the seat and check all the hoses. Everything seems to be tight ((“hmm”)). I notice that it is pooling up on top of where the fuel pump is. It seems to only leak when the tank is filled to its capacity. I’m really not worried about it other than the fumes are getting me and everyone in the shop stoned and it’s a giant inferno waiting to happen.
Just incase you haven't found a reason other than the oring gasket on the screw top lid for the tank.

I ran into this same problem wehn both of my front tanks where full on my bm sixfidy, seems the shitty electrical connectors will leak back through the plugs on the electric supply for the fuel pump and low level fuel light.
Leak happens around these pins:

A liberal douching of jb weld fixed my shit right up:

Makes a real freakin mess along with others constantly pointing a finger at the smelly gringo's bike that is going to blow to holy hell

Hope you got your sorted out...

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