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Originally Posted by MATT0404 View Post
Thanks for your replies, everyone. The bike was dropped once in the mud on the left side over a month ago. Very low speed with no damage but, I will certainly check the shift lever.

The oil has not been changed yet as I was waiting for my first service. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that shift characteristics can change when the oil needs changed.

I rode the DR to work this morning again and haven't had a single missed shift into 3rd. I'll report back after changing the oil and having the bike serviced. Thanks again, guys.
A common problem I've seen happens when the shift lever is bent IN a bit.
This can make it hard to shift as lever bumps into engine case.

Simple fix. Pull out lever a bit.

One guy could not shift the bike at all. He figured the Trans was blown up.
He was ready to start parting out the bike!!! I took a quick look, pulled out the lever ... all good.

The shift forks could be bent but unlikely. Many have crashed the DR on the left without messing up shift forks. It DOES happen ... but I don't think its that common.

So CHECK THAT SHIFT LEVER! Also, make sure it's not wobbly on there.
Tighten up bolt. Good luck!
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