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Alright, I'm back.....

So after passing into S.C. I headed up around the Parris Island area. At this point I am still undecided: "Do I try to find a room @ 2am or find a place to hang the hammock?" After making several loops of backroads and checking the local campgrounds (which were all closed) I finally made a decision...........

By this time it is 2:30am. There is nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING around me. I find the only lit area visible (church parking lot) and stop for a protein bar. A few bites in and the local authorities arrive. The officer pulls up "Well good morning young man. So what are you out doing?" I approach his vehicle, steadily chewing on my Cliff bar. I lean down and reply "Well, the plan is to ride that motorcycle until the sun comes up." Shaking his head as one would do to rid a bad image from the mind, he asks "Why?" That was kind of a hard one to answer..... Our conversation continues and I soon discover he is a rider too! After ~30min of convo, I saddle back up and ride back into the darkness.

You see I've never ridden through the night and had the opportunity to watch the sun come up. Sounded like a good idea at the time, so I made it happen! I didn't spend much more time in S.C., as my backroads route home was fairly lengthy. I make it back into South GA plantation area. There were several times that I looked up into the stars over the fields and contemplated pulling over. I wanted to watch the Galaxy, I wanted let my mind wander, and I wanted to blow a tune on my harmonica, all while laying in my hammock. The mood was perfect, but the timing wasn't right. I had committed to a "sun-rise" ride, and refused to be derailed by some delirious thought of zen on a summer night.

I kept pushing, and eventually the sky started to lighten. I had made it to Jefferson County Georgia. I passed the courthouse there, and something about it intrigued me. It was a very unique historic monument. I wanted a photo! There was absolutely now one out in this small town yet, so I did the unthinkable......I rode the bike up and onto the sidewalk, all the way to the front steps of the courthouse!!!! :)

After circling off the sidewalk, I was on the trail again. Sometime in the night the air had gotten a bit chill and damp. Now, as the sun began to rise, warmth began to run down the backside of my neck. A feeling of completeness soon followed.

For the next few hours my mind was in a state of stimulation and my body on a euphoric surge from the gradual overflow of sunrise. I made a circle through one of the local parks and watched the "smoke on the water" and the early rising fishermen casting their lines.

It wasn't long after this that my body and mind were in a power struggle. I was drifting in and out and constantly battling the fall of my eyelids. I felt sorta like this guy.....and this guy reminds me of the movie "The Dark Crystal" (I know, out of context)

I had to pull over and get a little rest. I found an area down by the river where the locals were putting in kayaks and strung up the hammock. After about 2 and a half hours, I awoke feeling rested and ready. At the next gas stop I checked the tires and noticed something of looked like someone had scratched the center line of the rear tire with their fingernail. I knew what this was; the tires are toast. I decided that since my cell phone was dead and it was Sunday (no shops open) that it be best to take the most direct path home. Garmin says 3hrs!!!!!!

I set it and go! I pass an old "Antique Shop" along the way and spied something unique. I had to turn around for another photo. How many of you remember these? I think I used to actually fit in this thing.....yes, this is me re-living my youth and being a kid again. Oh okay, so I never grew up.....and hope I never do. Life is FUN excited

I finally made it back to Montgomery around 2pm Sunday afternoon. Exhausted, I pushed the gallant red steed into the garage. Checked the odo for a grand total of 994 miles. Guess this is my unofficial "Iron Butt Ride" or as I am calling it, my "Ghost Butt Ride" Hhhmmmm guess it's a good thing I decided to cut the last portion of my route short 8)

Think it, dream it-------------LIVE IT!!!!!!
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