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Apr 6 Ė 15 Home

On the 3rd, I took the subway then a taxi to Dakar. Thanked Sandra and Javier, grabbed my bike and took the short half hour ride to the airport. Bike is weighed, ride it up on the pallet and it gets strapped down. Fortunately with United, I am able to stow some riding gear (not all airlines allow that) such as my jacket and helmet. Took the windshield off, deflated the tires and twisted the handlebars down to get the mirrors out of the way. Shipping costs are based on weight and volume. Volume is calculated from the highest point of the bike so, moving the mirrors and windshield out of the way can make a big difference in cost.

Everything is then strapped down.

Then the whole thing is wrapped in plastic.

Shipper takes my documents to the Aduana and the bike is checked out of Argentina. Iím done and catch the employee bus back into town.

On the 4th I went over to the shipperís office which was only about 4 blocks from my hotel, paid for the shipping and received my Waybill.

On the 5th, I wait to see if there are any problems with the shipping (which there werenít) and then get ready to head out to the airport for my flight. Of course, my 9 pm flight gets delayed until midnight which screws up my connections to Sacramento. Two different airlines involved and neither wants to issue the new ticket and accept the cost. So I finally do the equivalent of holding my breath and tell them to talk to each other and get it resolved, Iíll stay on hold till it gets done. It got done.

End up getting into Sacramento 2 hours later than originally scheduled so, the flight delay wasnít so bad after all.

Got to spend a few days with my Dad and see my son and daughter in law while waiting for my bike to arrive in San Francisco. It actually arrived there Monday night after leaving BsAs Saturday night which I thought was pretty good for a piece of freight.

Couldnít figure out how to get down to San Francisco airport other than a $160 limo ride. Finally found out about MegaBus. Thought I would help out the financially failing Sacramento commuter train and took a $2.50 ride from the station across from my motel to downtown Sacramento where I catch the MegaBus for a $6.50 ride to San Francisco . . . how good is that? My son picks me up and we go to find United Cargo and retrieve the bike.

Nice clear sky over San Francisco bay

Quick little jaunt over to Customs which was the quietest Customs/Aduana on the whole trip Ė nobody else there. Bike arrives looking a lot like it did when it left BsAs

We get it unwrapped, put back together and I blast back up to Sacramento.

Get my maintenance done, new front tire and Iím ready to go.
Nice ride back home. Seemed to notice the cold more. It was just as cold during many parts of my trip but I got whinier about the cold as I get closer to home.

Still have to stay at lower altitudes at this time of year as some of the passes have a bit of snow. My route for this time of year is past Clear Lake and through the Redwoods in Northern California. Cut over to Grants pass and hit the freeway to Eugene, then secondary roads up to Portland, across the river and follow Hwy 14 for awhile taking the back road to Goldendale. Then up Hwy 97 to Yakima and backroad to Ellensburg then through Ephrata and on to Omak.

Then last border crossing and home.

California Redwoods

Northern California Coast

When I crossed the river from Portland (about sea level) to Hwy 14, the temp dropped down to about 2 deg. Iím thinkin the Satus Pass may be difficult if it stays this cold as it is supposed to rain there. Sure enough, while the temp had climbed to about 8 in Goldendale, lots of snow on the hills and it started snowing with about 700 feet of altitude remaining to get to the top of the pass. Was down to about 1.5 deg and snowing pretty good when, it suddenly stopped and was clear sailing the rest of the way to the top. Weird!

Again, north of Soap Lake, approaching Chief Joseph Dam, starts snowing with fresh snow on the side of the road. Getting a few tracks on the road when we crested and headed down to the dam out of the snow. The rest of the way was intermittent rain and chilly.
And, home.

Iíll do one more post (soon?) with a summary of the trip and some closing comments
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