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OK here is my experience, just got back from a week in the Smokey's tearing up the twisties with some dirt thrown in.

2270 miles, and the tires are half way to the wear bars. Measured near the wear bars, started with 9 1/2 rear, now at 6. Front, started at 6 and at 4 front now.

Elephants are LONG gone, even wearing the ridge where the sidewall meets the tread surface, and NO slips at all in the dry, a couple in some nasty wet and moss, that set another rider on Tourances grabbing some seat with his sphincter. A fair amount of wet pavement, and no drama. Rode some dirt, loose gravel, and some steep gravel climbs, and was happy, I do not have a lot of dirt experiance to make a comparative judgement.

I was with another rider that had these on his new GS12H2........oh. It has rained every day since he picked it up a week ago, and in 2K miles says they are the best rain tire he has ridden. (he rides 30-60K miles/year)

Bottom line great tire, stuck as good as any sport tires (M-3, BT-016, Pilot Power 2ct, Pilot Road 2ct) Heat up fast, wear EXCELLENT. Gave me confidence in dirt and seemed more immune to following the grooved chip seal that NC is fond of (those that ride there know what I am talking about)

And before you say the 5K I am projected to get sucks, the LONGEST I ever went on a set of tires on my R1100S was 2700, on a set of Pilot road 2ct's and I managed to clean off a set of Pirelli Corsa 3's in 3 days and 1100 miles, and both were BALD edge to edge, riding the same roads at the same spirited pace. Granted the F8GS is lighter, but I rode every bit as spirited. This is my tire of choice from this point forward for trips that will be 90% pavement.

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