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Left Vinci feeling on top of the mind was settling to the road, the twists and turns felt more and more natural and I felt more a part of the moment.

This is what I hope for always but don't always achieve, it keeps me chasing for just being in that moment !

The road I took was a good one and it led me to San Gimignano and soon I could see it in the distance rising above the fields.

I know this is a story about biking so I need lots of bike pictures.

The reason for the daft 'ireland' sticker was really to get possible crazy Italian drivers to back off a bit if I wasn't just breaking the sound barrier but I couldn't believe
the number of people who took pictures of the bike because of the bloody sticker !

The tax disk is something we have to display in Ireland and many bikers place it
near the registration plate so that it can obscure the plate and allow you to avoid speeding fines etc from all the speed cameras we have !

Unfortunately on a previous trip to the Dolomite Alps I was pulled over by the Carabinieri who were not impressed by this at all, of course I asked them about a how to get to a particular pass and they warmed up and we had a great chat even though I can't speak Italian !

This is a picture of one of the many vehicles that passed me ! I caught up with it at the walls of San Gimignano !

SG was a beautiful place. It is a tourist Mecca though so I was lucky in picking this time of year.

There is some sort of story that rival families built towers high to impress the neighbours and it got competitive. I feel for the family who lived between these two !

The following photo illustrates the proper display and use of road tax disks !

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