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Next stop after SG was to be Volterra !

Looked good from the distance but I couldn't find it in myself to stop on such a good road.

The weather was now getting crappy - rain, some wind and not much of the tuscan sunshine but this city was incredible. my photos aren't much but i did my best.

This is a corner inside a building somewhere, nothing else I just liked it.

Parked at the city entrance where the hoardes get off big buses and stagger to the next photo op. Volterra is famous for amazing alabaster.

This was cool. It looked like chimney pots in the shape of popes from the past, not sure about this but I liked them !

I know there are great writers on this forum, such as Tageszk (bad spelling, sorry) I have read every report about Italy I think, who may know the reason.

Volterra looks like a great place to bring your romantic partner, the air seemed to drip of amore. All I had was a big silver/black 2 wheeled lump of metal !

On again, on again, jiggedy jig !

I renewed my romantic interest in the bike and we rode on into the sunset (wind and rain !).

This is a fmaous bridge, it looked cool to me anyway, I think it is called the devils bridge ?

Ask not why, but revel in its simplicity..

Maybe it was the devil's bridge cos after that the heavens opened and lightening spewed forth, thunder spew forth and the gods pissed down on me from on high !

Exciting - that is an understatement. It was mega. I got wetter than it would be thought possible.....hours of it........hours and hours and hours....!!

I even got off the bike a while as there was no road just where the road had been, in its place was 3 inches of water which sat atop the whole road. Aquaplaning is fun
and has its place but, well, it has its place as I said !

As the torrent eased off into a steady downpour, which actually felt much better, I got on again and did some cool aquaplaning down some twisty bits all the way towards
Siena !

I pulled into a garage in order to get the shaking (me, not the bike) under control. It seemed I must have been tired and hungry.

Man, I was fed up by now. The coffee shop/store in the garage was closed as the lightening had put to power out, I couldn't get the gps to work for a similar reason
and my mobile phone was acting the bollox too !!

At least the kind man allowed me to stay under his ample roof for a while.

As it was getting dark and I knew nothing about anything anymore, I did what the rest of you would do, I got back in the saddle !!

And eventually, through the rain and spray I saw signs for Siena ! I said to myself (I often say things to myself) I would stop at the first hotel inside the city gates.

And this, I duly did.

I must have got the smallest bed in all the city, but did I care. Dried off, the usual stuff. Hair dryer on each hand to get the hands working again. Then hair dryer into the boots (that was a waste of time). I just peeled off layer after layer of wetness.

got changed and out of hotel turned left to get to first available restaurant/cafe/eating house !

Ordered fish risotto (I was way beyond being able to figure out what to choose at this stage) and it was grand. But there was a lot of very small octopuses in the rice, fine, I can cope with that, but, mother of God, I swear one of the tentacles was moving (or did it just slip off the rice - I'll never be really sure). So I speared it and kept going.

I staggered back to the excuse for a bed and dreamt of slippery things with suckers and black shells and fins and watery things.....
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