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Originally Posted by liv2rydktms View Post
Because, I went riding with this guy, we had a great time BTW.

Wow, I'm loving the scenery and your commentary as well, I actually relate to your feelings of magic some places create while I am there, and feel like another trip to Death Valley would diminish those feelings of wonder and awe I experienced during our 1st DV trip.

Your Photography just gets better every time you post something. Congratulations!

OK, I'm Home now and I'm waitin!
Hi, good to have you along.

Originally Posted by RedRockRider View Post
Excellent! Nice photos, nice write-up.

Going to go back through and enjoy this for a second time. Thank you.

Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post
Aw, Ladybug! no one likes silt, but you got through it. that's what's important.

Beautiful sunrise photos!
It would have been better without the silt bath. The sunrises are nice in Death Valley but Baja still has the best.

Originally Posted by UpST8 View Post
EXCELLENT!!! Great photos and story telling, looks like y'all took plenty of time to stop and explore. Next year I may have to take the entire week for this event

I'm sure if you take a week you'll enjoy every minute of it.

Originally Posted by KC10Chief View Post
Awesome! I am obsessed with Death Valley. The place is incredible. I've seen the Racetrack from the air a few times. I plan to get out there real soon and check it out from the ground. And yes, you need to go to the south side of the playa to see the moving rocks.
You're right the place is incredible.
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