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The rest of day 3.....

Time to ride

Next stop: Miller Spring which is the ruines of a water pumping plant, a mine and a small mill.

There was power here at one time.

The road down to Darwin had a couple easy switchbacks and I could see some people camping in a few places. Hmmmmm might be a place to camp at another time.

There’s Darwin

The first place I spotted was the home of sculptor James Hunolt

There was more in the back yard and I really wanted to see what was back there but I respected his privacy and kept my distance.

Brief Biography
Born: 1939
Education: University of California, Berkeley
Professional Sculptor: 35 years
Mediums: Stone, Wood, Bronze, Steel

Excerpts from an occasional journal:
The purpose of art is the exploration of the human spirit.
To gain the eternal vision you must turn inward - the personal experience is everyone's experience - the artist's goal is to know and express himself as personally and as intensely as he can.
"The Scattered Brothers"
Creation and destruction occurs with the same blow
The fragments fall to the side
The Scattered Brothers that blacken in time
And are forgotten

Across the street was a dome building and another sculpture.

The Gates of Hell

I headed for the Post Office/Gas station

While Moto-Treks headed for the Dance Hall - I won't tell his wife.

Across the street was this strange little dude.

And his burro pal

I walked around town and checked out some of the building while Moto-Treks did the same.

Uh oh, Moto-Trek is fueling up it must be time to go. I better return to the Superbug

There was something in those “caves” like storage or maybe even at one time used as earth home?

Another area of Darwin however this area is closed off

We headed back to camp the easy way

Moto-Treks took another ride to check out the Wildrose Kilns while I took the time to enjoy the flowers in camp.

After cleaning up I visited with AirheadBruce and NoRa for a bit while we waited for Moto-Treks to return. Once Moto-Treks got back we all went across the street for dinner. They have pretty good food there. Thanks Bruce and Nora for dinner. We said our good byes since they were leaving the next morning and I wouldn't see them again until we were back in Spokane.

Another good Death Valley day.

Day 4 coming up......
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