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Next Day, view from my bedroom with the tiny bed !

Big city too, I didn't know this !

To be honest, I had one thing on my mind (well, more than one, but not too many things) and that was to get away into the countryside.

So I got out of hotel garage turned right and just kept going, no touristy stuff, no nothing - this was a bike ride !

I stopped a few times on my way somewhere, I think I had intended to head for Cinque Terre, but my mind was on just being out there.

The bike has a big ass really, and it was getting to be a dirty big ass too !

The thing is, I thought I had better make tracks back towards Lake Como so I cut out Cinque Terre and decided on Portofino.

Up the road I go, happy almost as Larry and lo and behold, my panniers burst open ! never happened before but I had it full of stuff ! So I realised this quickly, pulled in
and had to walk/run/glide back almost 3/4 of a km to pick up all my bits and pieces, including jeans with most all my money, my boarding pass for return flight, etc etc
you geet the picture. Two kind men stopped to help me gather the stuff but I was lucky to get most of the important stuff.
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