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I'm willing to bet that it's a case of poor tuning versus the length of the pipes though I wouldn't discount their length altogether. Don't forget that by installing these, you've eliminated the catalytic converters built into the stock thermonuclear mufflers. I have recently switched over to Leo Vince (also very loud but they came with db inserts that work well) and I too m detecting more exhaust fumes, etc. Our bikes are tuned to deal with a certain amount of back-pressure and the catalysts so eliminating the cats and reducing back-pressure will mess with the air/fuel mixture. If you have access to TuneECU an a cable, there is a popular "KTM with Akra" tune that seems to be universally popular and effective otherwise you may look into a custom tune on a DynoJet PC-V or similar... - at minimum, perhaps that 15 minute idle reset might help a tiny bit...

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Didn't see any reviews for these...I ride two up quite a bit and got rid of the stock cans due to thermonuclear heat and opted for the FMF 4.1 Ti cans. They are really, really loud. I started my 990 with just open headers and even with the FMF's installed they are almost that loud. Babies cry.Cattle stampede. Car alarms we-wa for blocks behind me. It is a beautiful thing! My passenger doesn't agree at all, but she still has normal eardrums and hasn't been subjected to years of death metal and Army munitions, so I got the "forest service approved" inserts and that quieted them down to a level that is much more civil. We got the sound thing under control, but due to the short length her helmet gets full of exhaust fumes....any ideas to reduce this problem? Even with a bag strapped on over the pipes she still gets fumes...and I didn't even have any burritos for lunch.
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