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Sunday 3rd June

Normally this would be going home day but the powers that be had played around with the normal spring public holidays because of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and both Monday and Tuesday were holidays so we decided to stay the extra night and get some more riding in. What were we thinking? It was cold, windy and thoroughly unpleasant, the only saving grace was the rain band that covered most of the country was stuck about 20 miles south of us.

So deciding to leave the bikes resting for the moment, on the off chance the weather improved,

we wandered down to the new bike cafe, had a nice chat to the few hardier souls who'd ridden there (the arrivals looked jolly cold and, in a few cases, jolly damp) then headed down into Keswick.

We checked out the market,

and had a nice slow mooch round the many walking and climbing related shops while enjoying the views you get to peek around the town.

By evening the market had gone to be replaced by some sort of jubilee event,

but we had other priorities on our mind, or rather stomach!

After sorting out the inner man we found a band was playing by the Moot Hall, and very pleasant they were too,

then it was a wander to our last pub and our last pints of the weekend,

where we got chatting to a nice New Zealand couple who were waiting to get their seat in the restaurant, despite the weather or maybe because of it Keswick's eating establishments were very busy, before heading back to our hotel. Naturally that's when the sun decided to make an appearance for the first time that day!

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