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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Marquez nearly clipped JLo´s back wheel I think 3 times in a row braking for the same corner(?) ...And that last-corner pass was just about as legal/illegal as the famous Rossi/Gibernau clash in the same place. But fact is, it worked. And it put MM on top of the championship at this point.

Even JLo admitted in the interview (once he´d cooled down a bit), that he had let the door open just a tiny bit. He should have known, that MM won´t need a second invitation. Maybe he thought MM was not close enough to try.

But you take Marquez out of this race, and what´s left? ...ok you still have CC and Bautista fighting for 5th position a bit. Other than that, pretty much a boring procession, especially up front.

Very interesting to see, how Dani and JLo adjust to this new situation, where unless you are certain you can break away from Marquez, you´ll need to be prepared to take your gloves off (and the same goes actually, IF Rossi proves he still has the speed to keep up with these guys)!

Wilco Zeelenberg:
"Dani and Jorge would never have tried to pull such a stunt, they don’t use their opponents as berms to try to make the corner, and that’s a bit what happened here."
"We keep talking about mistakes, and they are mistakes by Marc, errors of judgment, but so far, he has got away with it."

^^^ This guy is naturally biased. While I agree it was a risky move, if any one of these guys was 3rd into the very last corner, and they´re close enough and see the 2nd place guy leave a tiny opening, they should go for it, or they´re not real racers. JLo is the one, who made the real mistake, by assuming there will be no passing attempt.


What he said

I just watched it on the DVR - All I could think of was Vale/Sete. Sete was never the same after that.

MM is making the season fun. Too bad SBK isn't on most US tv now - have to find it on the www to get it.

But back to GP

Crutchlow getting ahead of Alvaro was the only close stuff other than JLo & MM. Nicky beating Dovi is good for him.

And I hate to say this, but I'm rooting for Vale & Yami to find him some more power / grip to get with the Repsol midgets.

I'm sure Dani is stoked to win @ Jerez, cause if MM won, he would have taken over the crown of midget porn in Espana.
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