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Another from (translated from Italian)

Husqvarna: another case of "Italian"
Posted on May 4, 2013
Husqvarna towards the end, it now seems clear that you are outlining the worst case possible after the acquisition by the Company Varesina Pierer AG.

We are following with great attention and concern the events of the house thanks to Briandonno VareseNews , not only newspaper industry that has taken to heart the case.

In recent weeks there have been several meetings between the property, the leaders of the company and the unions. Unfortunately, representatives of Pierer Industries AG presented themselves at the negotiating table without a business plan and repeating the request of the cash integration extraordinary only on condition that you accept the cessation of production of motorcycles in Biandronno .

The question we make is: why KTM, via Pierer AG, a company bought by BMW, who continued to lose for three years now, and then close it so suddenly? There is no doubt that the acquisition resulting in the closure company benefits the Austrian house, which in one shot makes her one of the oldest brands in the industry (in 1903 began the production of motorcycles), delete a formidable competitor and absorbs the market share.

We hope that is not just another case of a sell-off of the foreigner of our company. We hope that you are interested entrepreneurs to come forward to propose alternative solutions.

Our dream would be that Giovanni Castiglioni, the son of Claudius, would evaluate the acquisition of industrial assets with resorption of the greater number of laborers, leaving the KTM brand and existing products. The clear goal of this step should be the revival of the Cagiva brand, starting from the jeep.

It would be a great blow to the Austrians
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