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Originally Posted by Bumbobee View Post
Thanks for the replies guys.

Im coming from riding a Harley and on my other forum some bikes had specific issues like squealing rear brakes, leaking master cylinders, or faulty fuel gauges. I searche around but I couldn't find anything of the sort with the F800GS.

Should I get the suspension mode add on and traction control?

I'm debating whether I want a lowered one or not, when I sit on a regular one my feet aren't completely flat, I'm like 5"10.
I'm about 6' and can't flat foot my 800GS either, but I am getting used to it. Mine came with the comfort seat but I replaced it with a Sargent Enduro and I think that helps a bit. I don't think you can get a lowered one with ESA; I like it on mine. Mine has traction control as well, but I haven't 'tried it out' yet.
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