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Play bikes

New here! Since hardcore motocrossers call anything that isn't a YZ, CR, KX, SX, or RM a play bike, lets start a thread for pics of "play bikes"! Any 2-stroke that you would rip off road with, jump, and basically have some fun bottoming-out moments on qualifies. I'll start with my 1991 Yamaha RT 180. It's reliable as the day, morning, evening, and night is long and a blast to ride. The suspension isn't the best, but by gum, it works. Every week we go riding out at a track in the boonies and I take the old smoker, because the only other bike I have is a 1977 Honda CT 125. I've jumped the thing--35 feet repeatedly, 25 feet constantly--and I weigh 200 lbs being 6' 6", but the little sucker gives me no troubles. Nothing like flying on one of those old buggers--everybody looks at you like "what in the world?!?" Here she is!
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