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¿Por dónde?
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Ohhh, this is so good, but in such a shitty way, that I'm starting to second guess my next trip.

Lets see:
D606s, check.
Spare tubes, uhhhh, well, sometimes one.
No hablo espanol, check.
Only one cylinder to fail, check.
Only carry one spare master link, even worse off than you dood.
At least I'm on an ancient no-tech bike, instead of a sophisticated BMW.
What else will go wrong next . . .

I wonder if there was a yeti leaning on the tire lever that destroyed the bead of that rear 606 when it was spooned on?
Maybe I should add a couple of chain links to my parts bag.

At least I have a few weeks to totally forget about all your insanity. I think I'll go have a couple of beers to help retire the brain cells storing the memories of all your breakdowns.

Sure makes for a good read though!
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