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So after the girls busted my not so shelty camp i packed my stuff and got back on my hors..ehh bike. Bonjovi singing: Im a cowboy, on a steel horse i ride i rode past the two girls and back out on the road. but only for a few hundred yards. Stopped at a service stations rest are and made myself a hot breakfast.

Thanx to the Norwegian army to suply me with food. It taste like shit but you can live on it.
To be honest its not that bad. you only need a little water and that start a chemical reaction that cooks the meal.
After this i dared to visit the toilets but after a quick look inside i decided not to. Almost lost my brekfast after that. And no don't worry there will be no picture this time.

Got back on the bike in a hurry and took off for Budapest. I have heard that its supposed to be a beautiful city and they where right. Parked my bike beside the biggest sand clock(is that the right English word, i dont know) in the world. It a 8 meter diameter and the sand take one year to move from the top side and down. then its turned by manual labor so it can go for another year. Its made to last for ever so we have to see if it will.

Walked over a bridge to a small castle. It was early int he morning but tourists where already pouring in by buss loads, and on a bike.

Anyone know who this is? Not the girl but the statue. Don't know who the girl is either, but it was impossible to get a picture whit out someone sitting on the statue.

This statue was popular to but i manage to snap a picture before the lady rush in to take her picture.

It was a very warm day. must have been at least close to 30 degrees C and i was feeling a little warm in my gear. So i did something not so adventurous. I got on a tour bus and did a 3 hour sightseeing ride on that bus. yeah yeah i know.. but hey i was tired and warm, give me a brake ;)

at 1500 i was back on my bike and heeding east. Had to stop at another rest area to have a 15 min nap on a bench, as i was to tired to go on. But that worked miracles and i entered Romania later that evening.

The city of Oradea

Less pretty then Budapest but somewhere outside i found a small motel. Again it was nothing fancy but at 20 euros you cant really expect much. The lady in the reception gave me the key to a small room on first floor and i started to haul my luggage up. The some guy came and showed me a room at the kitchen entrance to park the bike in. Perfect but it was a tight squeeze to get it in there.


After i parked my bike i went toward my room with the panniers. Then the hotel owner shoved up and yelled at the reception lady. Apparently he was annoyed that i was given a room on first floor as they had bigger rooms behind the hotel on ground floor. He spoke a little german and explained that i should have the bigger room for the same price so i did not need to haul all my stuff up the stairs.
What a nice guy.
The dinner i had at the hotel restaurant was pork and fries. Always exiting to see what you end up with when you don't share any language.

Had a cold shower.. not only because i was hot, but also because there was no hot water. But the bed was great and i sleept like a baby.
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