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Originally Posted by cjack View Post
lots more money involved than just we walking to the gas station for a gallon of fuel.
But it's not just a walk to the gas station. I ran out of gas on the freeway at 75mph, in rush hour traffic. It was dangerous trying to pull to the side of the highway right where another highway was merging onto the highway I was on (just my dumb luck where I ran out). With no power it was a pretty scary few moments trying not to get run over by a couple of semi trucks going full speed and honking their horns while I kept going slower and slower. Stupid me for trusting my gas gauge. I figured it was correct because the strip was replaced just a couple weeks before and my first one lasted 2 years. I'll never trust the gas gauge again, I only use the odometer now and even then fill up when I think I'm down to 2 gallons or so.

BMW should start this damn recall now before someone gets killed. They need to come up with a real solution. It's complete bullshit that they just ignore the problem.
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