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you were in the right side cover already so you know whats involved. the mechanical seal would be the leaker. I doubt it will fix itself but you never know... meeby a piece of crud in there somehow. I'd be tempted to drive it a few days & see. when they fail on the road rather than doing an immediate fix you just keep adding coolant.... been done more than a few times, some guys going thousands of miles

the seals come out pretty easy. they go in pretty easy too but make sure the mechanical seal (the steel shell part) is square in the bore. the seal isn't quite like diagrams you see. the shoulder isn't as square cut... more rounded... hard to describe. point is, you can be fooled if you dont watch it close when you seat it. if it is cocked off a bit it will eventually squeel. when the bike gets hot it will howl like a dry bearing, and it sounds like it's in the top end because of how sound travels in the engine. I've seen a couple, 1st one drove me nuts until I figured it out. the seal had a couple thousand miles on it too. another symptom is a squeek during shut down... 1 chirp just as the engine quits turning. even that though is only an annoyance.... until it starts really pissing

ps..... sounds like shes running good.... good job
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