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Day 2: Fool Hollow Lake (Show Low, Arizona) to Wickenburg, Arizona

After gritting my teeth in the sleeping bag and confronting the 46-degree chill, I spent my usual two hours (can't seem to do it faster) fixing breakfast, breaking camp, and packing up. Finally...ready to go:

Some Excellent Riding Thru the Mogollon Plateau...

Just as I was getting into some fun twisty roads, I met this young lady:

But I was then FIRST IN LINE and had a CLEAR ROAD in front of me once the "light turned green:"

AZ 260 snakes through some very pretty country, and of course I was too busy to take any pics. As I neared Payson hwy 260 went to 4-lane and things got busy, but the climb out of Payson on 260 thru Pine and Strawberry was EPIC! Sorry no pics...

Crossed I-17 near Camp Verde, and headed for the old mining town of Jerome...

Jerome, Arizona: Historic Mining Town

My buddy Scott had recommended I stop in Jerome for lunch, and it was just about time. Even though it was a weekday, it was hard to find parking because:

1. Jerome is pretty popular
2. There's not much area there
3. Most of the area is "tilted"

But I persevered...can you spot Milledue in the pic below?

After a bit of searching, I found the cafe that Scott had recommended...

Ordered some kind of "club sandwich" IIRC...Got a pic this time, and MMMMMM it was tasty!

An outside view of the "Mile High Grill"...

Walked around Jerome for a while...hard to believe that in the 1920s the population was over 10,000 people (where did they PUT them all?) Population now is a few hundred...

I think this is a view from Jerome to the NORTHWEST (it's a ways down). Pretty toasty down in the valley, but very pleasant at Jerome.

Once I got back to Milledue I snapped a pic back towards the town. Historic place. Richest copper vein ever found in North America, I believe...

Highway 89A from Jerome to Prescott and Beyond...

There was a very fun steep twisty little climb up out of Jerome on AZ 89A and on down into Prescott, Arizona. Again, I was a bit too busy to snap any pics (I do take pictures while riding; Mrs. Greg said "don't do that" but even I was too focused).

Prescott contained a LEO just waiting for guys like me as highway 89 left to the SOUTH. I had accelerated somewhat and was just SURE from his body language he was gonna go after me, but...he didn't! Whew! Musta been the 45L cases...nobody schlepping those could do much speeding.

The DESCENT down hwy 89 into the "Prescott Valley" was just stunning. At times the 2-lane road separated into distinct lanes (I was fortunate to have zero traffic) due to the terrain. It was SOOOO MUCH FUN! Y'know, even loaded down that darn Multistrada carves corners pretty well (even with old geezer ME riding).

Safely Ensconced in Wickenburg, Arizona

Got safely down off the mountain, and found ADV inmate Scott's place: Milledue found a Euro garage-mate in Scott's KTM 640 Adventure. He isn't intimidated by them (unlike R12GS's...)

Meanwhile, inside the kitchen Scott and lovely wife Patti were both movin' fast, fixing some good eats for our dinner. Those folks were SOOOOOO sweet. Looks like a couple of interested dogs, too...

We all ended up talking long into the night. One of the great things about staying with ADV inmates is the great people you meet. BTW, Scott was wearing an "89A" T-shirt. Like I said, it was an EPIC ride...

NEXT: Wickenburg, Arizona to Hemet, California

I'll try to continue this RR tomorrow. You can look forward to the drama of Dr. Greg seeing some of his old high school buddies! I'm sure you can hardly wait...

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