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This guy, , who I know from outside Advrider, does all his own maintenance. He bought this second Ural knowing how much maintenance was required and actually looking forward to it.

He took his '12 GU to Blue Moon in/near Atlanta in Feb to have an output seal replaced under warranty.

This is his post on facebook from over 2 months later...

Up date: April 26th, 2013: The Ural actually made it (barely) to Stone Mountain from Blue Moon Cycle. A whooping 15 miles. The old flywheel was re-installed because the new flywheel didn't fit (, what exactly was the need to order a new flywheel ...?) Anyway, got on the rig, happily riding out the parking lot and heading for the first 2 miles when I could no longer shift the transmission into neutral. This problem worsened as the transmission got warmer. By the time I was home I only made in neutral 5 out of 10 times. This is in particular frustrating because the transmission shifted every bit as precise and consistent as my GS.

Sooooo, Blue Moon Cycle will pick up the rig tomorrow for another look over.

4 days later it was home and working well.

Obviously I left out the earlier stuff, but "Sorted out"? Sure looks like it needs it to me!
I've seen several people here and on the SS forum who have had ZERO problems with their post '07 rigs (and perhaps some earlier) but there are still brand new rigs that take some time and effort to get dialed in and running right.

Are they all junk? No...that's just stupid! I've seen a couple of those threads too, and they're generally somebody with an ax to grind. But the QC and reliability are clearly lower than most anything else on the market...even BMW's, with their FD failures and EWS immobilizer rings. You just don't have that kind of finicky set-up with any other vehicle.

BTW, I noticed that Ara (BeenerChef) also responded to his thread on facebook.

Originally Posted by Prmurat View Post
Maybe the fact that it is coming from Triquest (and going back there for services) is the explanation: a well put together Ural is trouble free???
I think the dealer that sets the rig up initially has a lot to do with buyer's experience. I've heard nothing but great things about Ski and TriQuest!
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