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I was a Zombie all day today, worried Magic Mike and Wal. Spikes would be hunting me down.

We really dodged a bullet with the weather, and after seeing the reports, I understand why there were so many that decided to wait it out at home. After a quick ride Friday with the big bike on mostly dry roads, I knew it would be parked if it rained. Thanks to 2fast and his trailer, I had the DRZ to fall back on.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!, to everyone who paid in advance for a site, but was not able to make it. We did cover all the cost of all of the sites. I wish I was able to do a refund if you could not make it, but the Powerball did not hit. If it does, you'll hear from me.

I think it's obvious this could be a big thing, and the MidTn @ LBL title would be more accurately named ADV @ LBL. We hit a few roads twice, but never got to the south end. That gives you an idea of how massive the place actually is, and a 3 day weekend there exploring will keep you busy. We avoided many great roads, because the weather made them impassable. Which brings up a great point, Many thanks to KentuckyKLR for the ride to the remote church. I have been exploring LBL's number roads for almost 10 years, and that was the first time there. Having so many different riders there familiar with LBL is huge. Thanks again. Chris.

Honestly, planning this, we really didn't know what to expect. I was not worried about the "People" aspects of this non-event, Motorcycle riders are the best group of people in the world. I was concerned about not meeting the expectations of the riders attending. Questions like, are the facilities acceptable? are the roads appropriate? will the weather cooperate? My worries disappeared as the weekend progressed. Real riders adapt. We will squeeze the best out of whatever the situation is.

On behalf of Sandalscout and 2fast4u, a sincere THANK YOU everyone that had anything to do with this weekend, including those not able to make it. A special thank you to Barry Reed (StreetandDirt). Even though he sold his DS bike just before the event, he was in it from the start, talking it up, starting a Facebook page, promoting it by word of mouth. I hate to hear anyone has to make decisions that include selling a motorcycle, but I fully understand the need to make the right decisions. Thanks again, Barry.

So now, what do we want to see next year!

Thanks, everyone!
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