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Well i have logged about 100 miles on setup below and the bike rips like crazy. You can hear the monster breathing now for sure. I have a slight surge around 58 to 68 MPH and that i can correct by using a little choke. I have played with the FlexJet IMS screws from starting point of 2 turns to 1.5 and 2.75 turns with no impact on the surging as i expected.

I am going to raise the needles one slot and see what that does for the surging and or leave the needles alone and go up one size on the mains.

Just to add, carbs are sync'ed so that is not the surge cause. As well low RPM and Mid RPM FULL throttle roll-on are spot on with not stumble or soggy feeling. I am pretty much spot on with pilot and maybe even the mains.

More to report as i make next adjustment. Then when close i am going to dyno her.

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Got'er installed on my 06 950 SM. Was actually easy to do. I took my time and didn't disconnect anything from the carbs. Just pulled all the lines up through the bottom of the air box and pulled air box out with all the carb stuff still connected.

Starting off with the following setup for SM Sport Riding and tuning from there.

FMF cans
Part Factory Pro kit and Part H2W kit for my jetting
Main Jets 170R / 168F
Pilot Jet #45
Needles Factory Pro Ti needle 4 position from top
IMS screws 2 turns (Flex-Jet installed for easy adjustment)
Air Jet #70 as supplied by H2W to replace stock #50
Float Height 3.5MM
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