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I think we should have a "Bike with the highest mileage" award next year.

I had a great time despite my impressive get-offs. I'm told the second one sent me flying about 15 feet. I don't hurt much at all thanks to good gear and especially an already pathetic short-term memory.

This camping trip was the first I've done on the DRZ and it did WAY better than I expected. It did experience some oil use so it looks like I'm gonna have to get into the engine and freshen things up. The Shinko 244's were great. They didn't hook up as well as a knobbie, but they broke predictably and didn't slow me down at all.

SandalScout has gotten fast. I don't know what his secret is, but I think it's the shoes. hehe. 2fast4u on a lowered KLR250 with a stuck carb float is still faster than greased lightning. And Kentucky KLR can ride the snot out of his bike. Plus his accessory headlights also redirect barge traffic when he goes over the Eggners Ferry bridge! Thankfully, mechanical problems were kept to a minimum and none happened while out on the roads.

I'm really looking forward to getting back out to LBL for some camping this year. I've got the basics of my kit figured out and now I'm gonna see what creature comforts I can bring next time. I think I can get a fishing pole stashed away. Just gotta figure out how I'm gonna hook the boat up to the DRZ. I did say the engine is gonna get refreshed!
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