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Originally Posted by PowerCell View Post
As a guy that's worked with WP all the ways back to the White Power days, I can comfortably say that it's good suspension. Not great. Certainly not top shelf... and not even in the same ballpark as Íhlins. There's a reason why KTM doesn't even run their own product when they race.

But in line with these comments, in order to appreciate the Íhlins product you need to ride at a level that would justify the expense. I know there won't be many on here that can benefit from the upgrade, and that's why I've put out this "feeler" poll rather than go directly into production.
So you're telling me a WP Trax is inferior to an Ohlins TTX? Not so. Equal, sure.

The stock WP suspenders on the 990 are FAR superior to the entry level Ohlins by a long shot.

Having owned and ridden both, at a level that would appreciate it, I can say that I am more impressed with WP than Ohlins, hands down. (I had Ohlins on my F800GS and my G450X)

And there may be a KTM or two out there that run Ohlins, but the majority of KTM riders run WP.

Not saying Ohlins is inferior or bad stuff. Just saying that saying Ohlins is superior is a stretch.

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