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Now that is not most of us were expecting in the evolution of the Anakee.
Now how can that grip as good as the 2, especially when cornering on that front tire? I don't see much in the way of bitting edges when leaned over.

Be interesting to hear the test results. I'm wondering if Michelin is just adjusting this tires to focus more on the majority of riders who actually don't go off road and if they do it's easy & packed dirt. Most any tire grips on packed dirt & i'm thinking the even higher silica content will be like sand paper on packed dirt.

Are they really just selling a street tire here and competing with tires like the Dunlop TR91, Pirelli Scorpion Trail, Conti Trail Attack or Road Attack for the guy who has a 19" front wheel but really just rides on the street? My guess is they will corner incredible on the street.

That is cool if they then release another new tire that is more aggressive along the lines of the Shinko 705 or even Hiedenau K60 territory.
...and the real reason the Anakee 3 went more road biased

the new Michelin Anakee Wild

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