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This is the Michael Drotor referenced in the horribly inaccurate story posted on I would also ask that anyone capable of taking that site down, please do so. I was NOT on the scene of the accident when it occurred. I was waiting at the end of the stage with two of my team mates which happened to be certified EMT's and they had their gear with them. We heard from the NORRA guys that a rider had been hit and had a broken leg. They told us that it was going to be a while before a helicopter or ambulance would be able to help so we volunteered to go in and help if we could. We loaded up in our chase suburban and headed out to help as fast as we could. When we got to the scene which was eleven miles into the course, in a little under ten minutes, but it was too late but there was nothing we could have done anyway.

Again, not being present at the scene during the accident, this is as accurate as I can be. According to the people on the scene, including the co-driver of the 414 buggy, the 414 buggy was following Jimmy closely and Jimmy swapped ends after hitting a concrete vado. The 414 buggy was so close that they collided with him before he went down, causing broken bones and internal injuries. The driver of the buggy stopped and tried to render assistance along with a few other riders, including a doctor. They had been giving him CPR for a long time before giving up. Jimmy asked that his wife and son be told that he loved them and passed peacefully. When we got to the scene, the decision was made to load him up and transport him to the end of the stage. We met the ambulance about 5 miles from the crash scene and they checked his vitals and asked us to transport him the rest of the way out. We immediately agreed to do so and were honored to be able to help our fallen friend in any way we could. I had never met Jimmy before but my teammates had and any baja racer is a friend of mine. We were interviewed by the investigators and waited for the coroner to get there, then helped transfer his remains into their vehicle. It was a somber and sobering experience for everyone involved.

So that's what happened as far as I can tell. The course was extremely rough and tight and that buggy had no business being that close to him because there was no safe place to pass. The line of sight up the race course was clear for a long ways, probably half a mile, so I can see no excuse for that driver to have hit him. Again though, I was not there when it happened. My only advice for NORRA is to have an abmulance ready at the beginning and end of each stage and have a couple of heli's ready but other than that, they did a great job handling everything. I am however, extremely disappointed at the behavior of a lot of the buggy drivers as I heard stories of very inappropriate driving and scary passes from many motorcycle racers. I know people get excited when racing but it's just a race. I really hope that the driver sells his buggy and racing equipment and donates the proceeds to Jimmy's family. If he doesn't, I don't imagine he'll receive a warm welcome at future events to say the least.

All of that said, I never met Jimmy in person but from what I've read, I wish that I had. He'll always be a hero in my book and typing this all out is bring tears to my eyes. Someone has already said it, but he entered the next form of existence doing something awesome, something inspiring, and something that he loved. I believe that this is the path to heaven or whatever wonderful afterlife you believe in and I can only hope to go out in a similar fashion.

To Jimmy's friends and family, In my humble opinion, you have been extremely lucky to live in the presence of a true hero. My condolences go out to you. If there's anything I can do to help, with anything, say the word!

With permission of the family, we will be putting "Jimmy" badges on our chase Suburban and will be dedicating all future race/chase efforts in his honor. We will think of him and be inspired by him every time we bounce down the trails. "
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