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I should be back in Asia again next week.

One of the guys I was riding with in NW Thailand is getting married, so I'm going back for the wedding. I won't be doing any riding... other than a scooter. I can't afford to stuff the knee up any more.

The plan is to do the wedding and 3 1/2 weeks of this:

That isn't me btw... its an English guy who lives in Chiang Mai.... also with a dud knee.

Its a little resort place, a bit run down, in Chiang Mai. Not far from Riders Corner. I'll get in there (subject to the OK from the ortho tomorrow) and do some leg strengthening - see if I can build the muscle back in a hurry. Its close, easy access and cheap... and I'll follow it up with some massage

I sure as hell need something to focus on... so that will be it. While I was in hospital, I got a "your boat is sinking" call... which has been neither cheap, nor pleasant. I could buy another Super Enduro for less than what the last three weeks has cost.

Still, she's a lovely old boat. This is her during her anti-submarine patrol days during WW2. Pity they won't let me run depth charges and mount the machine gun any more.

As for the leg... I'm weight bearing now, but still walking with one crutch most of the time.

I'll post up some photos, but don't expect anything other than cultural....

The plan is to catch up with Andras in Singapore for a beer on Tuesday night and lunch there with an old work colleague on Wednesday.... then off to Thailand for the wedding.
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