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07.30 here in the UK..... lovely day out.
Lets try this again, last night I was just so buggered, I could not type a straight sentence after the last few days in the garage.
Day 4 started early, with us up by 04.45 in order to be on the road by 05.30 as we wanted to be at Sir Lowry's Pass Village by just after 06.00.
Of course Goose who we were meeting, was there already by 04.00 :

Poor guy was even taking photos of the price of fuel while freezing his nuts off :peepwall:

The time we were ready to go.

Dozer and I had tested our comms, checked the lights, indicators etc on both bikes already so were ready to Lock n Load and hit the road, quite excited at this point, and I suspect Deon was probably as well, but being the guy he is, it takes a lot more to make him smile.

This was the point I had started my bike in the garage to start it warming up, followed by pushing it out and swinging about on full lock.
Did I mention we had two way radios and PTT buttons on the handlebars??
Well, aparantly not anymore.
Those of you who know Goose, will know his name really should be Mr Cable Tie.
In an effort to make sure the cables were secure, he had tied it all down just a bit too efficiently, and when it came tofull lock right...... No more comms. BUGGER !!

Of course this meant that Dozer who had the SatNag on his bike would not have the benefit of my verbal guidance on the way out.
The SatNag kept on reprogramming itself and updating the route, which meant that Taurus Dozer, (WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW ON THE 8th MAY ) must have been ready to throw it over the Armco barriers.
The SatNag took us down side roads etc, and one new residential development saw us at a traffic light (robot) for about 3 minutes waiting to get out, and Dozer who is a law abiding type, refused to just get on and jump the red light...... maybe a good thing because I had enough time for a photo.

Once I had told him to over ride the commands and use common sense to do the riding it went much better, and though behind our own schedule, we made good time.
Eventually getting to an irrate Goose's spot.

In his typical style, which I can relate to , Goose had made a friend and got another guy to agree to look up Wilddog Forums.

After the meet and greet we were off to Hermanus, via the coastal route.
Top of Gordons Bay was the first photo opportunity.
I also managed to drop the Whale for the first time, due to brand new Army boots not offering much feedback and some dodgy paving stones on reversing out of the spot I had parked the bike.

Then off again

After this we had some distance (not a lot) to cover to get to Kleinmond for Breakfast......

Something I learned on this trip to be vital to Dozer, along with his cigarettes.
Back in a bit.
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