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Before we left, Goose in one of his characteristic good deeds removed the PTT Lead from his bike, to give me a lead that workd, so that Deon and could chat the rest of the 5000km ahead.
Deon and I filled the bikes up, I added Wynns Valve Ease as well, to see if w could reduce the amount of oil the bike was demanding...... it averaged out at about 500ml every 400-500km depending on pace set.
We then his the road and was reminded this Whale Country.

It did not take us long to hit the end of the tarmac...... :
We stopped, had a chat and agreed that this made us feel like when we were kids, riding the farm roads around Melmoth, Eshowe and Empangeni on small capacity DS bikes, remember the Suzuki TS125ER and Honda XL185S ????
Now we were older, less bold, and on rather large, comfy bikes, and in his case, even had ABS, not that you want that on marble like surfaces and gravel.
We proceeded without any fear or caution, elation in our hearts because this was starting to feel like the trip of a lifetime.

As long as the road surfaces stayed hard and clean (which they did not) we could stand on the footpegs and happily do 120km/h and more.
On the Whale I needed to be a bit more cautious as it was older technology, and the braking etc is not quite the same :lol8: :lol8: :lol8:
Kap n Meerkat.....

As always, you only take pics when things go well, some parts of this road were scary, even at 20km/h and we saw only two bakkies in al this time.

All too soon the dirt roads ran out, and we were back on track for the outhernmost tip of Africa.

Some signs in South Africa are serious, but still do amuse.

We made it to Cape ughulas, to be confronted by this sign...... so we would not be riding to the outhernmost tip if Africa after all...... poles, bollards and a clear attempt to keep motorized vehicles away was being made.
Still, interestingly, there is an educational angle as well.

This was what we had come to see.....

Could not get Dozer to do the whole role play thing with me.... maybe he was ready to Moer me......

Sticker time.

Of course, being there, meant I felt the need to get the bike to the Southernmost point..... DOZER DECLINED, Not wanting to drop his bike between the rocks or some embarrasing place, and having to explain to Nature Conservation why his bike was beyond the demarcated areas.....
So I took one for the team and took the Whale to the monument for a photos of proof.

After a drink, we headed back into town for fuel and a coffee, and another opportunity for me to drop the bike in front of a sympathetic fuel pump attendant.

Once filed up, pee'd out and drunk up, we regrouped and spoke to a local who told us the ferry was currently of intermittent functionality.... so being a bit gutted, we decided to hit the road for George, where we were booked in at Kosie's B&B for the night.
Several smoke breaks and many miles later we got to Kosie's place.
He was out watching rugby, but got home 5 minutes after I called hime to let him know we had landed.
The last hour plus we rode from Albertinia to George was in the dark..... not nice with all the roadworks etc, but we were "home"

One of the phone calls or texts Gooses had photographed me making had been to ask Kosie to buy some Steaks and chops as well as Boerewors (International readers...... Google Time : ) as we wanted to have a Braai.....

It did not take long for the fire to be started......
At which point the dogs had taken control, and the Brandy was flowing freely.

I loved this simple lighting arrangement in Kosies house passage.... his wife (or he himself) has a keen eye for nice things and getting the best out of decorative items.

This was the status before the meat even hit the fire..... PERFECT !!
We eventually Braai'd the meat, and man that T-Bone was awesome.... my first in more than 6 years.
Thanks a million Kosie.
We went to bed quite late, but there was still the matter of the 7 Passes to be ridden before Breakfast in Knysna the next day.
One of the things I also did was to add Deon and my sticker to Kosie's collection that will be growing on his bar mirror.

More later.
Got to get to the garage now, it is 09.30 here now.
Day 5 to follow.
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