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The other day I was talking with a friend of mine, talking about how I have found that I am most content when I have something to look forward to. That's something I always seem to NEED. I need something to prepare for. Think about it. We've all been there. For me, it seems to always be the trips we take. That's what keeps me going, so to speak.

The current plan is the follow-up to last years trip which took us from here in the SF Bay Area to Victoria, Canada and back via Eastern Washinton, Idaho and Oregon. THIS time though, we have more time. For the previous trip we had 15 days. This time it looks like we'll have almost 20. Also, last trip Stephanie was on her Ducati Monster 696. This time, she'll be on her new Ducati Streetfighter 848:

Some of you may have followed along on that trip. At the end of it I mentioned how we were going to look into getting a truck that we could haul the bikes with, letting us get out bit further, allowing us to start a loop that would otherwise take an extra few days just in transit time (on the bikes). On the bikes, you could be looking at an extra 3-4 days depending on the starting point (round trip). Sure you can do it in a hurry, but the point of the trip is to have a good time, not suffer on a long slab of highway. I'd rather spend the time riding than commuting. With the truck we'll be able to load up and drive through the day (and perhaps night) to get to the starting point. In the case of this trip, we'll drive the +/- 700 miles it'll take to get to Southern Utah and start from there.
We fullfilled this "need" recently when we got a Ford Raptor (I know it's a bit more than what we would need just to haul the bikes, but we plan on having other non-motorcycle related fun with it too).

With our dirt-bikes:

There will be more to come. For now though, below is the basic route we are planning to take through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah. Thanks to all that have already answered my questions and given their input as to any specific roads or destinations we shouldn't miss. If you have any ideas on what you'd add or leave out, please feel free to post and give your input.

More to come....

Click HERE for route

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