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Originally Posted by avocadofarmer View Post
Getting things bolted back oil change tomorrow while the tanks are off is about all that separates me from starting her up.

For those interested, I read that it is ok to directly connect the crank case vent line and the SAS line. Whod'a thunk it, but there is a thread about it in the OC. I'll prolly do that instead of messing with drilling a hole in my nice aluminum base plate.
Sounds like you got her sorted. .

Originally Posted by vwboomer View Post
pulled the bike apart this morning. Found all stock jetting so I ordered a set of 175 adn 170 mains (they didn't have 172) and 45 pilots.

Found a nice mouse nest in the airbox that i've been riding around with for 3 weeks
Need to get breathers yet I spose. This all would have made a fine winter project
Hmmm... I may edit the first post to include that this filter plate is guaranteed rodent proof!

Originally Posted by Thumper996 View Post
Well i have logged about 100 miles on setup below and the bike rips like crazy. You can hear the monster breathing now for sure. I have a slight surge around 58 to 68 MPH and that i can correct by using a little choke. I have played with the FlexJet IMS screws from starting point of 2 turns to 1.5 and 2.75 turns with no impact on the surging as i expected.

I am going to raise the needles one slot and see what that does for the surging and or leave the needles alone and go up one size on the mains.

Just to add, carbs are sync'ed so that is not the surge cause. As well low RPM and Mid RPM FULL throttle roll-on are spot on with not stumble or soggy feeling. I am pretty much spot on with pilot and maybe even the mains.

More to report as i make next adjustment. Then when close i am going to dyno her.
It makes sense to raise the needle if you're lean at the transition to it, around 4000 rpm. It will however, enrichen everything above until you get to wide open. If its already good above 4000 you may also fill in the soft spot by cutting down on some of the air through the low circuit with a smaller air jet.

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.. Sounds like you're getting close.
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