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Originally Posted by chasbo View Post
Doohan rides whatever the fuck he wants....
If I had the cash and time (and the most awesome fucking garage I've ever seen) I'd have one of EVERYTHING too.

I've been watching MotoGP for many years and have just given up trying to unravel the chess game of who goes where and why. It's like trying to guess which card will come up next from a well-shuffled deck. Some people can do it, apparently, but for a simpleton like me there are just too many variables (and I have a short attention span ). I'm ready for the next race!

BTW, yeah, I agree, it would be nice to see Ben Spies have a good, clean, competitive race. I think he's a better rider than his MotoGP record indicates. Gotta be frustrating, and we all know how hard it is to work through that shite and keep your level of effort up to 100%, especially if you aren't completely healthy.

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