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2002 ktm exc400

So, full disclosure; bought this bike a few months back, and now some stuff has come up from job that may keep my fanny out of the seat of a bike for a while. In addition, just moved to a new place sans garage, so having to store bikes has become a royal pain in the rear. I've gotta simplify my motorcycle load, so things gotta go.

It's a 2002 KTM EXC400. Stupid fun bike. FL street title. Here's the skinny;

Rode it 2-3 times after I bought it locally. Runs like a top. PO has put a little too much oil in it and never looked up the words "clean" or "wash." As a result, cosmetically, the bike is a little rough around the edges. The black side panels are scratched up, but not cracked. Fenders and shrouds are in good shape, and seat is perfect. Has an Acerbis brake light hooked up. Battery is probably less than a year old, I would guesstimate.

The PO removed the stock forks; don't know why, but he did. In replacement, it has a set of WP Extreme 50mm conventional forks. Everything I read says they are the bees knees and superior to the USD forks that came with it. Probably true, but style of riding could dictate otherwise. I still have the stock set of triple clamps and hub from the original front end; forks didn't come with it. Left side fork seal is a little leaky, so will need that.

Everything worked; electric starter, kicker, lights, all electrics as they should, and bike ran like a top. No overheating issues. Gear box and clutch were smooth as silk. Didn't hear anything going on in motor.

I took the bike basically completely apart, and thus, it sits as that now. I bought a new set of radiators, fasteners for all plastics pieces, new oil filters; I also ordered a new lower chain guide, headlight shell, and some other misc. parts that I'm still waiting on (that's another story...).

It needs just a super good cleaning. Chain grease and mud are caked on some of the engine cases, but just from some minor cleaning, got that off. The paint on the clutch cover was peeling, so I sprayed that down with some paint striper and removed the paint. It's just now bare magnesium, and looks cool. Some of the paint striper dropped down to the frame, and as a result, took some of that paint off too (that's why you shouldn't be lazy like me and try to do it without removing the cover...doh).

Only other thing I saw was that the exhaust valve cover gasket may need replacing. I checked the valves, did the 1/6 turn method, and all seemed well inside. That has since been put back together.

As of now, the subframe and all plastics have been removed. I'm trying to get some time to clean and put it back together, but that has been impossible to come by lately, and may not get any better anytime soon.

The pipes are dent free, but do have some rust on them. Not sure what you can do to alleviate that without ruining the finish.

Included also was a WER steering dampner. Can't testify to it's usefulness, but you can get them rebuilt for less than $100; cost someone $500+ at some point. Looks good on the eye test, and seems like it's had little use.

Like I said, the bike is disassembled right now, but I have all parts lined up.

I want to keep it, but reality set in a few nights ago, and not sure I'll be able to touch a bike until October.

I would like to get $2000 for everything. That's what I have in it. Clear, open Florida title. I only have one picture right now (did I mention I have no time?)

What it is; good, cheap, fast dual sport with bullet proof RFS motor (the 02 motors were not prone to the dreaded "cam stop" failure that the 2000s and 2001s were). What it's not; a brand new dirt bike with shiny bits.

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