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I'm running a 2011 GearUp (12500 km now) that I purchased new from Gene at Holopaw Corvette. He warned me that each one usually has at least one issue. With mine it turned out to be a bad rear brake light switch that stayed on. Caught that in the first mile. He replaced immediately.

His set up of the bike was perfect. Tracks hands-off (well hands light) straight on a flat road.

Found the drum of the spare was cast a little wide (rubbing interior of FD when I first put it on.) Removed 3 mm with a brake lathe (friend with a service station). No biggy.

Beyond that, get used to the noises, fuel, ride, change oil, set tappets, ride, change tire, get the idea

By 5000km the engine was stronger and I didn't need so much throttle. At 10,000km better yet and mileage improved from 26-27 to 30-33 (depending on headwind and throttle hand). For someone used to modern engines that are RTG from the get-go waiting for the break-in may be trying and cause early disappointment.

I've been back at Gene's a couple of times (his training/500km service was the only "required" one and even that he said I could do myself). Mostly to get fairing, sidecar windshield). Getting used to the noises took the longest and still gets me sometimes. But everything works fine.

When I first looked at the bike Gene told me "think tractor and you've got the idea." Still works if I start thinking something is clunky

PS - my son says I like it because I can spend half my time riding and half "adjusting" thinks - he's not wrong!
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