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Had my Norton up to NYC for some work recently.... Seems the lay shaft bearing was a bit dodgy... but when they got into it, they found the bearing had been replaced, but the bushes and other things were knackered. Here, the shaft had just been wobbling about in there, and everything was all tore up!

My buddy Hugh did the job- his shop in New York- Sixth Street Specials is as historic and cool as the bikes he owns, rides, races (flat track), and works on...
Hugh is a long time NYC motorcyclist- even used to hang out with Indian Larry and that bunch. He has some stories about riding about the city that are really fascinating. One GREAT guy! There are usually one or two interesting characters hanging about the place... and eye candy of various sorts...

Since then, I've been pooping about on the Norton- doing shorty rides about the local area, but today I had some time, and thought I'd venture further from home.

I decided to ride south(ish) and crossed the valley, riding as I often do, along the Yellow Breeches creek.

Along the way, I stopped to take a pic of a sign I've always liked:

Can you really take a bunch of fucking clowns seriously?

Still trout season out here, and folks are out fishin'...

Took the above shot off a railroad bridge. The track cuts out across the Great Cumberland Valley, rolling through pure farm country.

Before I got up into the mountain, I realised I hadn't eaten much all day, so I stopped for a bite...

I pretty much had the road to myself- not much traffic out on this leg of the ride, which was nice- I could pick my speed. I picked fast. Stopped at Laurel Lake and sure enough, there was a guy fishing... did I mention it's Trout Season?

It's really beautiful around here right now- all the leaves are popping, and anything that might be in bloom, is. Dogwoods, redbud, forsythia, buttercups, wildflowers of various types... amazing.

The bike still isn't running perfectly- it's a bit choppy- after I got home, I cleaned the fuel filter, and the air filter, and emptied the float bowl... took it around the block a couple times- still choppy. Better, but not perfect.
Just the same, it was nice to be out. I have 4 of 5 bikes legal and running right now. And I've pretty much been riding them all, so look for more pix n stuff from my local exploits.


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