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Originally Posted by madeouttaglass View Post
I've been the satisfied owner of a 2010 Gear Up for about 19,000 KMs now. Earlier today I read a post on Soviet Steeds where an older member said he thought that some of the long time owners might not be the best salesmen for people considering buying a brand new Ural. Maybe it's not exactly what he meant, but that was my take on it.
Anyway, it got me to thinking and I have to agree.
I'm looking for owners of 2009 and up bikes. It seems that whenever someone new asks about our bikes there has to be someone who says they are fun "once you get them sorted". I know that often that statement is made by a guy who knew guy who knew a person who had a problem. Other times it is an owner. It certainly infers that these machines are not for someone who doesn't do their own wrenching on a weekly basis. I do all my own work on my cars, trucks, and home, yet my rig has needed nothing but tires and oil changes. What issues have others had? If you are talking about rejetting, I think that applies to most new bikes no matter if they are carbed or fuel injected. The EPA pretty much makes all manufacturers sell their bikes at the lean end of the scale. Hell, I've had a few guys tell me how much better my other bikes would run with a $500 FI controller.
I'm hoping to shed a little light for everyone's sake. If there is still truth to this on the new bikes maybe the factory has to step things up in QC or train the dealers better in their set up of the rigs. Either way, I hate to see people that would otherwise be having fun with one be turned off by the (myth or fact) that owning one of these is a bit of a mechanical burden.
So Ural owners- what "sorting" did you have to do to make your 2009+ rig reliable or run right?
As I said before- Me- nothing at all.

you sir have a really nice bike. I am amused that we both have 2010 Desert camo bikes and mine is Orange and yours is Tan

As to being sorted out, my bike had two major failures in the first 200 miles suffered by the PO. One was a final drive lock up and the other was the rocker arm braking in half. After that, only the rubber doughnut and the rear brake light switch in the last 24,000 klicks. tires and oil excluded.
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