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Hey Powercell, I understand you may have some experience with WP and Ohlins. However, there are those of us who do as well. I am one of them. I have seen your posts on this forum. You are not THE ONLY person with first hand experience on ADVRider. You have made very condescending pompous statements in this thread so far. Your original post in this thread is very opinionated that Ohlins suspensions are superior. It is just that: your opinion. Nothing more nothing less. I have ridden both suspensions and both both make a fine product for both the entry level and pro level. To say one is undoubtedly better than the other is ridiculous. When you post a poll, making statements like you have, you'd better expect opinions back. You're going to have to learn how to take it if you're going to dish it out. It seems as though when people contradict your opinion at all you flame them pretty hard.
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