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Originally Posted by PowerCell View Post
Well... let's start with your pix above. What do any of these all aluminum cone valve forks have in common with the WP product that comes on a stock KTM? Not a damn thing short of their costing as much as a complete bike. The 4CS is a design entirely of compromise so WP can stop paying royalties to Íhlins for valve and reservoirs design. This is common knowledge.

And since you brought up the Trax, do you even know what a Trax shock is? It's just an SXS shock with a top-out spring built into the bottom yoke. Very cutting edge. Íhlins has the same part as a tuning item that installs internally. Not much there really.
1) You said no pro racers for KTM use WP. The pix above prove that wrong. I didn't post the pics to compare a 4CS system to a stock system. I simply posted them to show the forum that a statement that 'no KTM pro riders use WP' is untrue.

2) Yes I know what a Trax is. From a rider feel perspective a Trax is on par with a TTX. They're both great shocks.

Originally Posted by PowerCell View Post
But I guess that's the beauty of the internet; everybody gets to read the random opinions of complete strangers and magically become an expert over night... next.
Originally Posted by PowerCell View Post
I know there won't be many on here that can benefit from the upgrade
These statements are what I'm talking about. Pompous and condescending.

And btw, I was never questioning your knowledge as to what a Trax, SXS, 4CS, yada yada yada is.... or what your knowledge on anything is.... you're going there for no reason. Back to main point: just because you geek out on this stuff still doesn't change the fact that BOTH Ohlins and WP make decent entry level stuff and very good pro level stuff. So no, Ohlins isn't necessarily superior to WP. That's just your individual opinion.

My opinion, take it or leave it, is that I like WP's stock/entry stuff better than Ohlins stock/entry level stuff.
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