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Originally Posted by kamanya View Post
I would love to try a few trails on something that has some proper oomph in it.

However, out of interest, against an SPS re-valved and re-sprung OEM "S" system on an adventure, what type of riding would the Ohlins shine? I understand that it should be better everywhere, but where would it shine the most? Sand, whoops, fast gravel, baby headed rocky trails, touring, mud, etc?

"Would I like?" Hell Yeah!
"Will I take?" Shit, depends on how well my year goes.

I answered beer, until I know what the ball park figure would be.

LOL... that's funny, and probably a really smart position to take. The stuff's gonna be expensive. The fully bypass design of the Mk-II will help in most every environment, depending on what your suspension is like now. The two places that it will shine most are high-speed gravel and rock gardens. These are two situations that having competely seperate compression/HS compression/rebound circuits will allow the suspension to remain plush while still being able to handle whoops. You won't need to compromise one for the other...

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