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At the risk of micro examining a single incident,

There are a few things that seem evident -
1. JL can go fast as stink.

2. His consistency and smoothness are a potent weapon, but may also be a weakness. If opponents have the speed to catch him, he may be more predictable than most. It sounds like others have done this sort of move before on JL.

3. I am wondering where MM found the speed or brakes to hustle up on JL's rear tire repeatedly and still find his way through the corner?

4. I am wondering if JL is a technically perfect rider who is untouchable on a fast bike with a decent start but maybe not so much of a slice and dice racer when confronted with someone of similar speed levels. If that is the case, we are in for a wonderful season of clashing riding styles. I see camps forming (DP, JL and maybe Bautista (?)) being the porpoises and VR, MM, and CC being the sharks.

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