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Great Day for Ducks!

So I thought I'd take advantage of the wonderful weather pattern moving through... That and I was rather embarrassed when I realized that Ned was practically in my backyard and I didn't even realize it until this morning. So I thought a nice relaxing rainy ride would help.

This was the clue:
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The road this old store is on connects two major roads. The sum of the 2 digits of one road equals the number of the other single digit road. These two numbers also happen to be popular handgun calibers.

The store is about 1/3 or 2/3rds of the way down the road depending on which way you come from.
I knew right off that the roads were 45 and 9. I was running through every place I knew where they intersected and I could not figure out where the pics were from. This morning I looked at it again and realized that he wasn't at an intersection of 9/45, but on a road that simply connects the two other roads. I looked back at the pic and realized Ned was just a couple miles up to road from me, on a section of road that I ride nearly every chance I get. I didn't recognize it because I'm always setting up to take the next right-hand curve. Ned was off Rt 7 (a rifle caliber, coincidentally) near Jones Spring. Closest intersection is Townsend Ridge Rd & Back Creek Valley Rd.

Anyway, with Ned rescued I went to take the picture and remembered that my boots were no longer water resistant when I stepped in the river flowing next to the road. (I later discovered that although they won't keep water out, they do a decent job keeping it in. Every start/stop I could feel the water slosh back/forth... kept me fairly entertained for the next 40 miles)

Ned is on the pillion seat

I kind of liked the idea of putting Ned near an old business so I took him my one of my favorite watering holes. The pool tables sucked, the darts were busted, the karaoke was awful... but the beer was cheap and cheeseburgers were AMAZING. I used to stop in for a burger/sweet tea anytime I went by there. Sadly, due to the new bypass, the only current existing location is in Palm Beach, Florida. If they had the same cook I'd be really tempted for a road trip... wish I knew where he went.

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