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..... Great Weather for Ducks..... and extra points for grabbing in the rain....

Originally Posted by Falconx84 View Post
So I thought I'd take advantage of the wonderful weather pattern moving through... That and I was rather embarrassed when I realized that Ned was practically in my backyard and I didn't even realize it until this morning. So I thought a nice relaxing rainy ride would help.

This was the clue:

I knew right off that the roads were 45 and 9. I was running through every place I knew where they intersected and I could not figure out where the pics were from. This morning I looked at it again and realized that he wasn't at an intersection of 9/45, but on a road that simply connects the two other roads. I looked back at the pic and realized Ned was just a couple miles up to road from me, on a section of road that I ride nearly every chance I get. I didn't recognize it because I'm always setting up to take the next right-hand curve. Ned was off Rt 7 (a rifle caliber, coincidentally) near Jones Spring. Closest intersection is Townsend Ridge Rd & Back Creek Valley Rd.

Anyway, with Ned rescued I went to take the picture and remembered that my boots were no longer water resistant when I stepped in the river flowing next to the road. (I later discovered that although they won't keep water out, they do a decent job keeping it in. Every start/stop I could feel the water slosh back/forth... kept me fairly entertained for the next 40 miles)

Ned is on the pillion seat

I kind of liked the idea of putting Ned near an old business so I took him my one of my favorite watering holes. The pool tables sucked, the darts were busted, the karaoke was awful... but the beer was cheap and cheeseburgers were AMAZING. I used to stop in for a burger/sweet tea anytime I went by there. Sadly, due to the new bypass, the only current existing location is in Palm Beach, Florida. If they had the same cook I'd be really tempted for a road trip... wish I knew where he went.

Bracky use to do alot of tagging too... speedy recovery to Bracky.... hope they FIND and charge the guy...and put him under the jail.

yes... agree need to be careful at all times....especially if dont ride on regular bases..... oh and the law of physics aren't normally challenged and won.

Originally Posted by Falconx84 View Post
There's a face plant thread about a hit & run off Rt 51 of you haven't seen it yet.

And one of my co-workers is pretty tore up after riding well beyond his skill set and target fixation on a guardrail... seasonal rider+ 600cc lowered sport bike + 2x speed limit+ fixed object= massive internal injuries & fractured femur (x5 places). Oh and half a mil plus in med bills.

It's dangerous enough out there, don't make it harder on yourself. If you only ride seasonal, take some time to clear off the rust and sharpen your skills.
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