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Originally Posted by TanasiRob View Post
HA! I thought I knew that name. I had run across you on the RZ/RD forum in the past.

Don't bother talking about selling your RZ- I have seen it at Puckett's and frankly you would be a fool to let it go. (but you don't need me to tell you that, I am sure there are little voices in your head that have already told you).

That's cool to know that there is another local Honda even if it is an XR-R. You and BajaDoug might get a chance to discuss "kicking" techniques while you wait for me and Andy on our slow ass XR-L's.
Good to "see" you again. I know I will kick myself If I sell my last remaining RZ. But right now it lives full time in my office and only gets to take a smoke break a few times a year. Basically its moto art. I am thinking that at my age, I am to young (and poor) to be collecting art.
I'm sure I will be riding sweep since all the e-start bikes will have left me in the dust after I drop the piggy and have a minor heart attack trying to prod it back to life.
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