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Being back from my South Africa bike tour, and the promise of a 9 month job contract meant I had one week in which to do some jobs that may not happen for a while.

I have wanted to remove one of the garage doors for some time, and then to replace it with a panel and a single door.

Recently I got a Free door and frame, including a key from a Glazing company, so the plan was in a holding pattern while I went off to do my ride.

This had to be quick one day job, at least replacing the door etc.

I only got started after 11.00 as I had some computer stuff to do indoors.

Mickey had the day off, so offered his van to help me get a 4x8 foot sheet of heavy duty plywood and some fence posts in. I also had some extra keys cut for the door.

We came home, had a cuppa tea and then proceeded to remove said door.

Cut about 25mm out of the floor to recess the door frame, to prevent tripping when getting in and out of the side door.
Fitted the frame.

Door tried out and Mickey posing :

Later on, note the angle of the shadows..... panels were screwed onto the frames that had been laid onto a very thick bead of silicone, which should act as a damp course.

I had also decided to start painting the whole inside of the garage with some Freebie paint I had gotten from the neighbour two houses down.
In the end I used 35 litres of cream and then white paint in two layers to cover the walls. Next up will be fitting the 6 six foot strip lights I was given by Euan.

I have to say, when I put the garage together it was menat to never be moved again..... ooooopppps.

Moving every bit of furniture and fittings away from the walls once again reminded me that there has to be something wrong with me.

I also put 5 coats of paint on the outside panels and 3 coats on the inside.

These tins were mostly full, and a few were halves..... Free, and people complain about finances.

I had to laugh at my own pile of paints, mostly tins and colours used in redecorating our current house, and from our previous homes.

Back to the garage, first coat down, white next.

One of the jobs that I was trying to put off was clearing all the toolsof this section of the wall, as the Esse Dragon stove I was given by Deli Dave a couple of years ago, will be finding its way in here.

So the next job was to create a pile of tools.

In the mean time I had moved all the tool boards to the opposite side of the garage, and also made a screwdriver shelf......

The same neighbour who gave me all the paint also had a lazy chair and foot stool he was tossing out..... in my direction.

Perfect for putting in the garage in front of the fire.

And having a nice Brandy and Pepsi Max at the end of a tough day

Fire place painted and ready.

Next up a single course of bricks and a thick paving slab 24 x 36 inches on top of it.

Opposite end with boards in place.

And that was tonight.

Next up will be the stove base, and tidy up the floor of the garage (again) and a couple of other small jobs.

And that is my garage up to date again.
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